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Top 10 God-Tier Manga like Vagabond You Should Read! (August 2022)

Vagabond wowed us with its harrowing plot and Takehiko Inoue’s gorgeous art. Shinmen Takezo to Miyamoto Musashi’s journey from anger to peace unfolded brilliantly before our eyes.

While Vagabond has been on hiatus for years and there is no word on his return, we bring you some vagrant-like manga to enjoy while you wait for his return. Let’s start the list of the best manga like Vagabond, okay?

The best manga like Vagabond!

10) Lone Wolf and Cub

Lone Wolf and Cub - the best manga like Vagabond!

Set in the feudal era of Japan, it revolves around Ogami Itto, the Shogun’s elite executioner, who was framed by the ruthless Yagyu clan to gain the position. With his wife murdered and his name disgraced, Itto, with his infant child, wanders from place to place as a hit man, “Lone Wolf and Cub”, seeking revenge. against the Yagyu clan.

Just like Vagabond, Lone Wolf Cub focuses on a skilled samurai, left without a post after the wars, is burning with rage and now roams the land as a mercenary. The dark atmosphere is similar in both stories and the art is fabulous.

9) Sword of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal - the best manga like Vagabond!

This is the story of Manji, an immortal swordsman. To avenge his sister, who was mercilessly slaughtered, he swore to kill a thousand villains. Rin, a young woman who reminds him of his sister, accompanies him to this end. She has sworn to avenge her dead parents, who were killed by Itto-ryu, a group of elite swordsmen.

Immortality can help you survive, but that’s not enough for revenge. He will be tested in every possible way. Will he be victorious?

Between Blade of the Immortal and Vagabond, there are many similarities: similar visual style, lots of martial arts action. They both have mature themes and revolve around samurai.

It can be said that in a complex way, they show the state of mind of a person after walking the bloody path of the sword.

8) The climber

The Climber- The best manga like Vagabond!

After transferring to his new school, Mori Buntaro was cajoled into the school building by a classmate. Despite being aware that one false step would lead to his downfall, he continued to climb to the top and experienced a sense of fulfillment. He felt alive.

Since then, he has developed an interest in rock climbing. The plot may seem simple, but it shows the pain and struggles that Mori has to go through to literally get to the top of this world.

There is no denying the incredible quality of the art in both manga. Although they take place in two different eras, they show how difficult it can be to survive alone in this cruel world.

Also, they are both based on real life historical figures; Miyamoto Musashi for Vagabond and Buntaro Kato for The Climber.

7) Shaman Warrior

Shaman Warrior- The best manga like Vagabond!

Two mysterious warriors emerge from the desert wastelands: the master mage Yarong and his faithful servant Batu. Their lives will change due to the political movements that will soon engulf them.

When Yarong is mortally wounded, Batu has to leave his side to keep his promise and protect his son. Those who track Yarong know another secret: the hidden power of a shaman warrior!

Both have plots that surprise you at every moment. Shaman Warrior portrays many samurai-like weapons and offers fabulous art.

6) History

Historie- The best manga like Vagabond!

Set in ancient Greece, Historie follows the life and childhood of Eumenes, who later grows up to become a secretary and general to Alexander the Great. It tells of Eumene’s turbulent life and his travels that led him to befriend many of the influential names of the day. He displayed great talent, intellect, and confidence as he fought for his position. This is his story.

the two stories portray men who are destined to achieve greatness. Over time, both protagonists become men who will go down in history and be hailed as legends. The trips are equally amazing.

5) Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin- The best manga like Vagabond!

Set in the Meiji era, this is the story of Battosai Himura, a revolutionary patriot struggling to hide his bloody past. His role in the revolution earned him the title of ‘Hitokiri’ (Manslayer). He returned to his original name of Kenshin, reversed the blade of his sword and swore not to take another life.

He begins his life as a Rurouni (wandering samurai). Kaaru Kamiya, an energetic girl who runs the local dojo, accepts him for who he is, not who he was. Kenshin’s struggle with his past never seems to end. How will he protect his loved ones without breaking his oath?

Bloodshed and loneliness are things that the protagonists of both stories go through. Their lives begin with a sword and they start killing at a young age. After becoming renowned swordsmen, they set out on a journey alone to repent of their sins.

4) Shinobi no Kuni

Shinobi no Kuni- The best manga like Vagabond!

Warlord Nobunaga Oda defeated his enemies as he pursued his quest to unify Japan, but even he feared one region: Iga province, home of the Iga ninja. Iga’s strongest ninja, Mumon, was known as a deadly assassin with unrivaled battle strength, but he was lazy and only sought to please his wife, Okuni.

Mumon killed a ninja from a different family, but he did not know that his actions would lead to a deadly battle between Nobunaga’s army and the ninja from Iga province.

Vagabond and Shinobi no Kuni have a more subdued type of humor mixed with outright violence. Again, both stories revolve around samurai themes and are brilliantly paced.

3) Clay

Claymore- The best manga like Vagabond!

Yoma are the monsters that consume the entrails of humans to absorb the essence of their victims, to become them. In front of them, humans are just cattle waiting to be slaughtered. To oppose yoma, The Organization, a group led by a council of mysterious men, send their female warriors, also known as Claymores, to deal with them as they extort money from the cities. Clare, the lowest ranking Claymore, lives to avenge her mentor.

The protagonists of both manga have to deal with unimaginable obstacles to achieve their goal. claymore fantasy the setting is similar to the feudal setting of Vagabond. The advance course, present in Vagabond from the beginning, appears later in Claymore. Both contain a lot of sword fighting, violence and blood.

2) Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga- The best manga like Vagabond!

A fight between Thors and Askeladd, a vicious and powerful Viking, claimed Thors life ten years ago. Thor’s son, Thorfinn, is driven by resentment and has vowed to fight with honor to avenge his father.

He is taken aboard Askeladd’s ship and aids in the sacking of cities and the deception of innocent armies. He now strives to become more skilled as he fulfills his responsibilities to win his duel with Askeladd. Although he has already suffered many defeats, will he be able to take revenge?

The stories of men full of rage and hate, who embark on the path of violence to finally find inner peace. The vibrations of both stories are the same; the journey from a boy to a man, who emerges victorious from hell.

1) crazy

Berserk- The best manga like Vagabond!

Since he had the worst childhood and was frequently on the brink of death, Guts has spent his adult life trying to regain his strength. Band of the Hawk, the dazzling, ambitious and motivational mercenary leader, meets Guts, who leads a simple life.

Guts joins the Band of the Hawk after losing to Griffith and develops a sense of belonging there. However, no one could have predicted the results of the brutal conflicts and shady political maneuvering. A direct march to victory turns into a fight for humanity and life. Can guts fight the darkness and protect all who have come to mean so much to him?

Despite taking place in completely different settings, the stories of both manga share many characteristics. Because they travel alone and are fueled by intense hatred and rage, the protagonists start killing at a young age. Any sense of belonging you experience has always been a mirage. Both deal with dark themes and contain fabulous art.

Final thoughts!

There you go, Top 10 Manga like Vagabond that you must read. Most of these manga include a main character with a goat like Miyamoto Musashi.

So if you are looking for a manga similar to Vagabond, this list will come in handy for you. Do you have any other manga in mind that deserve a spot on the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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