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Top 10 Amazing Anime like Tokyo Revengers You Must Watch! (August 2022)

With the revival of the crime genre, Tokyo Revengers piqued the interest of viewers as soon as it started. It’s not your normal time travel series; instead, it delves into the dynamics of Japanese street gangs in the early 2000s, introducing deadly but desirable characters.

Therefore, we present you a list of top 10 anime like Tokyo Revengers, to satisfy your desire for shonen/delinquent anime.

The best anime like Tokyo Avengers!

10. Shonan Bakusouzoku

Shonan Bakusouzoku- anime as tokyo avengers

The city’s fiercest bikers, the notorious Shonan Bakuzoku, roar through the streets, showing off their riding skills and wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. And all this while he was still in high school.

The anime follows Eguchi Yousuke, the formidable second-generation leader of the Shonan Bakusozoku, through his everyday challenges. Eguchi’s affection for Handicraft is second only to his affection for the gang. Watch Eguchi as he struggles to juggle his life as a powerful gang leader with the craft club at school.


  • Both anime are true to their titles, with guys on bikes and early Japanese settings.
  • Although comedy is one of the subgenres in both, Tokyo Revengers gives off dark undertones.
  • Even in the midst of gang conflicts, romance flourishes, considering both series.
  • Both anime have established their value as shonen, with Tokyo Revengers being a step forward in terms of a time jump.

9. will last

Durarara-anime like tokyo avengers

Durarara, abbreviated as DRRR!!, tells the story of Mikado Ryugamine, a green young man who has always wanted to live an adventurous life in the city. Mikado is overjoyed that he moved to Ikebukuro to attend high school with his childhood friend Masomi Kaida.

However, the city is not as bustling as it seems. The urban legend of a headless “cyclist” has been the talk of the town, along with rumors eluding the secret organization Darazu. Mikado’s thrill-seeking is answered after witnessing the mythical “Black Rider,” but what follows is a sequence of bizarre incidents and nameless attacks on the streets of Ikebukuro as the turmoil unfolds.


  • Both Durarara and Tokyo Revengers belong to the same Shonen genre and are packed with action, excitement, and suspense.
  • Both series have similarities in their use of a wide variety of memorable characters, rather than just focusing on one main protagonist.
  • Both anime include mystical aspects at the heart of their stories.

8. Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ikebukuro West Gate Park- anime like Tokyo avengers

Ikebukuro is known for its violent gangs, Yakuza, and unnamed businesses. And here is the protagonist Makoto Majima: THE INFAMOUS “PROBLEM SOLVER” who, in order to protect his friends, works as a mediator, keeping the peace and repairing the violence between the warring gangs.

But as the story progresses and he loses his love, he becomes enraged and gets involved in very dangerous situations, often against his better judgment.


  • The most common element of both series is the tragic death of a loved one due to a feud between gangs.
  • Both animes have suspenseful plots and funny stories, and are packed with action and excitement.
  • Whether it’s Tokyo Revenge or Ikebukuro West Gate Park, the ugly side of Japan’s criminal underworld is on full display.
  • Courage, friendship and love are two human emotions beautifully represented by our two protagonists.

7. Tokyo Tribe 2

Tokyo Tribe 2- anime like tokyo avengers

This is a story from the side of Tokyo, unheard of and invisible. Years after the Shibuya riots, the tribes of Tokyo finally came to terms. Kai and Hashim, along with their Saru “tribe”, are having the time of their lives. But chaos engulfed Sarus, turning everything quiet to dust.

The rival gang sends an assassin to assassinate Saru’s leader. To his surprise, the killer turned out to be an old high school friend of “Mera” Kai. Now, amidst the fighting and violence of the tribes, the two find themselves embroiled in an unwanted rivalry.


  • Both anime share similarities in terms of explicit violence and bloodshed.
  • One of the main subplots of both series is a friend who becomes a rival.
  • Both anime are adaptations of the manga series of the same name.
  • Tokyo Tribe and Tokyo Avengers are two anime that represent the yakuza and the dark side of Tokyo to the core.

6. Revive

Relife-anime like tokyo avengers

No one gets a second chance at life. I’d be lying if I said that after seeing ‘Relife’. .’ Arata kaizaki, an unemployed, single and hopeless man, lives his life as a miserable freeter. Until one fateful day, when he finds himself with the opportunity to go back to being the same as 17 years old. And of course he takes it.

With his youthful looks and seasoned mind, Arata is ready to undo all that has gone wrong as he discovers where his heart truly lies.


  • The main themes of both anime are regret for the past and the urgent need to correct all mistakes.
  • The supernatural element dominates both series, but Relife is slightly different in that it doesn’t jump through time.
  • Takemichi and Arata have a past life as despicable and hopeless freeeters.
  • Friendship and love are major themes in both series, with Tokyo Revengers being a bit more violent.

5. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs- anime like Tokyo avengers

Nakajima Atsushi is on the verge of starvation after being kicked out of his old home, the “orphanage”. But fate intervenes and he meets a suicidal enthusiast, Osamu Dazi, who is genuinely a supernatural detective and a member of the “Armed Detective Agency”, along with his partner Doppo Kunikida.

Atsushi and his team have been forced to collaborate with these two talented people to eradicate the tiger that feeds the men of the land of Yokohama.


  • Both anime have done justice to their genres with mind-blowing violence, action, and bloodshed.
  • In both animes, cool, handsome, yet deadly and violent male characters steal the show.
  • They both have supernatural elements, but the Bungou Stray Dogs don’t mess around with time jumps.
  • Both anime were dominated by emotion and suspense.

4. Banana fish

Banana Fish-anime like Tokyo Avengers

Ash Lynx is a beautiful but cold orphan who was adopted by Dino Golzine to be his heiress, but now she is nothing more than a sex toy. He now he is desperate to free himself from the clutches of the devil.

Ash, a rebellious and determined teenager, begins his investigation into the abstruse Banana Fish. However, Dino discovers his secret hiding place and thus begins the story of endless mysteries and an unforgettable friendship.


  • Both series feature strong characters with a sordid story.
  • Both animes dominate the watch list due to their carefully woven stories that blend excitement, suspense, and lust.
  • Takemichi and Eji are sweet and gentle characters.
  • The main themes of both series are crime and violence.

3. gangster

Gangsta-anime like tokyo avengers

Ergastalum, once a safe haven, is now vile and shady. A haven for hookers, gangsters and petty thieves. There are also ads for “Handymen” Nic and Worick, two mercenaries in charge of handling tasks that even the cops are afraid to touch.

The plot kicks off as the two are assigned to take down an emerging gang in top-tier mafia territory. However, this well-type work is much deeper than both had anticipated.


  • Both animes are noted for their distinct storylines and excellent character development throughout each episode.
  • The titles of both animes are justified and completely relevant to the plots.
  • Bloodshed, violence, and gangsters dominate the plots of both series, with gangsters on the more mature page.
  • They both belong to the shonen genre.

2. Re: Zero

Re:Zero- anime like tokyo avengers

Never in his wildest dreams did Subaru Natsuki, a NEET, imagine that he would be Isekaid in a completely different world. But he is here now. To make matters worse, he and his half-elf companion Emilia die before long.

Subaru is shocked to find himself revived several minutes later. And now, with his new ability to go back in time, he wakes up every day determined to help the elf he newly befriended and survive the unfortunate turn of events.


  • In both animes, the sufferings of the protagonists and a series of unfortunate events are undeniable.
  • The use of the time jump as a main element in both series works as a dominant subplot in both stories.
  • Both stories revolve around the rescue of the female lead from an early and dangerous death.
  • Subaru and Takemichi can go back in time multiple times.

1. Erase

Erased- anime like tokyo avengers

Can you live a normal life like any other person if you possess the ability to revive? Erased tells the story of Satoru Fujinuma, a part-time teenager with a bleak future, who unknowingly has the ability to jump through countless seconds into the past, punishing him to prevent the unthinkable from happening.

But when his mother was murdered by an unknown assailant, Satoru went back in time 18 years. Now, Satoru only has one chance to change fate and prevent misfortune from happening.


  • The protagonists are initially portrayed as shy and mild-mannered, but their character develops dramatically as the story progresses.
  • In Erased, both Satoru and Takemichi are willing to go to any lengths to save their loved ones, Mother being one of them.
  • High suspense thriller, with Tokyo Revengers on a cliffhanger for the time being.
  • Both main characters of their respective series are facing the death of a loved one.

Final thoughts!

Do you find yourself gravitating towards the shonen genre with every click on your Crunchyroll account? Do you get tired when you watch anime without action?

Then we highly recommend our dear readers to watch all the above mentioned anime like Tokyo Revengers and share your favorite or recommended series in the comment box below.

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