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11 Best Anime with Villain MC You’ll Enjoy Watching

Anime with main villain

A villainous MC is a rarity in anime. After all, stories are built around the protagonist overcoming the antagonists. However, we come across these weird anime where the MC is a villain. Villains can be classified into two categories: those who are always evil and those who are occasionally redeemable.

This type of anime was often very popular with fans because it added an interesting twist by making the main character bad, evil, or a villain.

if you are looking anime with villain MC, Don’t worry; We have rounded up the top 11 anime shows in which the main character is a villain.

List of the best anime with Villain MC

11. Angels of Death

Angels of death- anime with villain mc

In Angels of Death, each character is either a cold-blooded killer or a member of some other criminal scum organization. They have been locked up in prison and forced to take part in a deadly survival game.

The anime follows the story of a girl named Rachel who wakes up in the basement of a building and makes the decision to end her life. While she was wondering, she met up with Zach, another MC who is a bloodthirsty killer. We won’t spoil what happens next, so watch this anime with the villain MC and enjoy the show.

10. Overlord

Overlord- anime with villain mc

Overlord, another popular isekai anime with a skeleton as MC, is considered an anime with the villain MC. The series follows a player who stays in the game YGGDRASIL until the servers are shut down. Still, the world continues to exist even after the servers are shut down and the NPCs start living their own lives.

Although the MC is not entirely evil, he is in charge of a large army of monsters and uses his minions to carry out many evil deeds. He even killed thousands of people to show a kingdom his strength to achieve his goals.

9. Hellish

Hellsing- anime with villain mc

There are plenty of anime about vampires, but none are as bloody as Hellsing. The series depicts a triple war between the Hellsing Organization, the Vatican, and a surviving Nazi faction that wants to take over the world using vampires.

The protagonist of the series, Alucard, is the most powerful vampire in the world and Hellsing’s deadliest weapon. He is clearly an anti-hero because he will not hesitate to eliminate any human, vampire or demon that threatens England and the world.

8. Tempest Blast

Blast of Tempest- anime with villain mc

Our main character Yoshino has been sneaking around with his best friend’s sister for quite some time. One day, the sister disappears and Oni-Chan takes an oath to track down the person responsible for his death.

After that point, the story of lies officially begins. Yoshino makes a valiant effort to uphold her good name by lying and betraying everyone she can.

7. 91 days

91 days- anime with villain mc

The MC of this anime is a villain whose only goal in life is to get revenge. The mob brutally murdered Angelo’s family, and now Angelo is back with a vengeance. He joined the mafia to carry out revenge on him and killed many people.

This revenge is his only concern; he even he is willing to be the villain to achieve that goal. The story is easy to understand, but this show is on this anime list with the villain MC because of how well they show Angelo’s revenge.

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6. Lupine the Third

Lupine the Third- anime with villain mc

Lupine the Third is the oldest of these shows, making it one of the oldest known anime to feature a villain in a leading role. Lupine is the head of a group of thugs, relentlessly pursued by Koichi Zenigata, an inspector whom he constantly outwits.

Lupine is the most wanted criminal in the world. He frequently assumes the role of an anti-hero when he decides to go after other criminals who have committed much more serious crimes.

5. Terror in resonance

Terror in Resonance- anime with villain mc

The story of Terror in Resonance revolves around Twelve and Nine, two young men who try to fool the Japanese police by sending them cryptic messages and mysterious tapes. However, everything is encrypted, so even though the police crack the recordings, these two always seem to get away.

This anime has a fascinating story. Oh, did I mention that the protagonists of this anime are terrorists who plant bombs all over the city? It may sound like a joke, but they are still terrorists. This anime with the villain MC is perfect for you if you like mysteries.

4. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied- anime with villain mc

Elfen Lied tells the tragic story of Lucy and other subjects of superhuman experiments. They eventually lost their minds, and one day Lucy used her powers to escape from the lab and kill everyone inside of it. On the show, we see Lucy trying to lead a normal life, but she keeps having outbursts of power due to her past traumas.

The protagonist of Elfen Lied walks a fine line between goodness and evil. Because he has a personality disorder, one is sweet and kind, while the other is pure evil.

3. Saga of Tanya the Evil

Saga of Tanya The Evil- best anime with villain mc

Tanya, our main protagonist, used to be a salesperson in her previous life. In the afterlife, she was reincarnated as a little girl after hearing the voice of God. Tanya, who hates God and wants to take over the world, uses the knowledge of her past to advance in the army.

Tanya is a cold-blooded killer who sees people as nothing more than tools in her arsenal. Tanya is very strategic and thoughtful in her approach to any situation. Due to her cunning and ruthlessness, Tanya quickly rose through the ranks. She has a zero tolerance policy for disobedience in her troop.

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2. Code Geass

Code Geass- best anime with villain mc

The protagonist of Code Geass is an exiled prince and seeks revenge in his own country. However, there is a gradual transition in his character’s behavior throughout the series. Initially, he is a selfish brat who puts himself above others. But by the end of the show, he has grown into a man of great morality and kindness.

You may be wondering, “So how is he a villain?” because he has taken the lives of many people to achieve his goals. He did do the right thing in the end, but he did it by using people as pawns and discarding them when he was done.

1. Death Note

Death Note- best anime with villain protagonist

Like Code Geass, Death Note’s story follows Light Yagami, a young man who was given the power to kill anyone if he knew their name and face. Due to Ryuk’s boredom, the grim reaper, Yagami was given a rather dangerous weapon, and Yagami duly entertained the grim reaper.

In the end, Yagami was so terrified of losing control of his power that he turned evil and started killing people. He gradually killed all the criminals he saw on television, creating a world where his ideology and a twisted version of justice reigned supreme. This Anime article with Villain MC would be incomplete without including Death Note.

final thoughts

Now that we’ve covered some of the best anime featuring the villain MC, we hope you’ll have as much fun watching it as we do. Let us know what you think of our compiled list. Are there any great series we’re missing where the MC is a villain? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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