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10+ Best Apps To Read Manga On IOS And Android

Manga is immensely popular in modern pop culture. Often, readers who prefer to read online find it difficult to find apps to read manga on their devices. We solved the problem by compiling a list of the best apps for reading manga on iOS and Android devices, some of which also have free and offline features.

This list will help our fellow otakus to read their favorite manga on their devices without any problem. Those who are not avid manga readers but do like comics will also benefit from this list as it will give them a whole new world to roam and enjoy.

12. MangaZone (iOS)

MangaZone is one of the best apps built for reading manga. The size of this application installs quickly without additional configurations. After starting, you can see little tips on how to use it.

When opening the utility, on the main screen, a catalog of collected works appears. In large letters the name of the story is written, below you can see the genre to which the account belongs, followed by a brief announcement of the record. Near each work, on the left side, there is a small magazine cover.

11. Manga Geek (Android)

Readers can try manga geek to read up-to-date manga with a wide variety. It is one of the best apps to read manga for free on Android with multilanguage access.

There is a massive collection of manga and comics included in this app. However, readers will need an Internet connection to operate this app.

With all the fantastic features, our otakus will not be disappointed with the app.

10. Comixology (Android)(iOS)

Comixology is not entirely dedicated to Manga reading, but it certainly has a huge Manga collection. Therefore, Comixology provides a healthy comic book reading experience on your Android device. It is one of the best apps to read manga offline that offers a high-quality user interface.

ComiXology offers in-app purchases and subscription plans for unlimited access and offline reading capabilities. You have the possibility to preview a demo of the books before you buy them. The app has a wide collection of action, romance, drama, thriller manga and much more. In addition, you will also find some of the rarest Manga collections that you may not find anywhere else. As a result, it is one of the highest paying manga apps out there.

Tachiyomi - the best manga reading app 09. Tachiyomi (Android)

Tachiyomi comes with a fantastic user interface, making it one of the best Android apps available for reading manga. Readers can choose from a wide variety of manga, manhua, manhwa, webtoon, and comics from over 40 different sources in different languages. From comedy to seinen, this app has it all.

The features of the app are designed to ease the upgrade process. Tons of series can be within reach because of this. You no longer have to suffer the tedium of loading pages. In conclusion, Tachiyomi is a great app where users can read almost any manga and even comics. And this is also one of the best apps to read manga offline. It is personally my favorite app.

08. Manga Plus (Android) (iOS)

SLEEVE Plus by SHUEISHA” is the official manga reader of Shueisha Inc. and is available worldwide. It is now available for iOS and Android devices. They offer the latest Manga for free and simultaneous releases with Japan. Although, to read again, you would have to subscribe to their monthly services. It also has a large collection of independent manga. Because this is an official service, they provide good scans, and therefore this app is very popular among manga readers.

One can bookmark manga by adding it to the “Favorites” section. Commenting on a chapter and interacting with other readers is also easy with the app, making it one of the best apps for reading manga.

Sleeve Box

07. Manga Box (Android)

Manga Box is a kind of manga magazine mobile app. It is available in Japanese, English, and Chinese in 140 countries and regions around the world. New chapters are released weekly, with the last twelve chapters free to access. It also provides a very flexible and comfortable experience for readers by fitting the image of the document to the screen. Manga Box hosts some of the popular manga in demand and is therefore one of the best apps to read manga for free.

06. Manga Toon (Android) (iOS)

Manga Toon app is not only limited to manga but also has manhwa and manhua. It allows users to read manga in different languages ​​and also popular light novels. Manga Toon has an extensive library with exclusive titles. One can share their own creations on the platform with other subscribers. If selected, Manga Toon will adapt the most famous creations to your library. The app has good ratings from users and its easy accessibility makes it the best app for reading manga.

05. Sleeve UP! (Android)

Sleeve UP! By SQUARE ENIX is a manga reading app whose serial series is updated every day. The app has many new features to enhance the reading experience, making it a contender to be the best app for reading manga. It comes with an offline reading feature, immediate availability of new releases, a resume reading feature, and an “Otaku level” feature. One can level up as one reads more manga. With non-intrusive ads and easy-to-read reading style preference, Manga UP focuses on bringing a more comfortable experience to its readers. And to be among the best apps to read manga for free and offline.

04. Caps (Android)(iOS)

Tapas is a manga, manhua, manhwa reading app. Their comics come in English and they also give the translated versions of their comics from another language. It is home to a community of creators that has posted over 83,000 stories. And you can never leave here without choosing your favorites. The most important thing is that they support the creators and thus charge to read after a few free episodes. One can unlock the chapters by paying these nominal charges within the in-app purchase. Some of the most famous names are also published in the Tapas category.

03. Toomics (Android) (iOS)

Toomics allows you to read Japanese and South Korean comics instantly. It has stories of every imaginable genre and fantasy. You can find some of the popular exclusive titles in the app. New episodes for all series updates weekly, and also release new issues frequently. Early episodes can be accessed for free, and others can be viewed via in-app purchases. You can fill your favorite section with the comics of your choice to keep track of your updates. Also, their personalized recommendations will lead you to explore more gems.

02. Manga Crunchyroll (Android) (iOS)

Crunchyroll manga is one of the best apps to read manga on your smartphone or tablet. The leading company in Japan develops this application. Almost all manga can be found in this app, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Through this application, readers will be able to access the best publications on the same day that the manga arrives in Japan. Whether the genre is romance or seinen, one can find everything in this app. The most important advantage of this app is that each manga is divided into chapters for the convenience of the readers as they can view each chapter easily.

01. VIZ Manga (Android) (iOS)

VIZ Manga is among the best manga apps to read manga series. It offers new content translated into English every day, which can be downloaded. One can read it on the app when online and offline by downloading it beforehand. To make reading more manageable, you can choose between landscape reading of one or two entries and use the bookmark mode. Personalization settings such as zoom, right-to-left reading preferences, and brightness settings are also available in the app. VIZ company also has a dedicated Shonen Jump Manga app for Shonen fans.

I hope you liked our list of apps that you can use to read your favorite manga.

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