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Top 20 Hottest Haikyu Characters 2022

Hello guys! I’m back with another top list of characters. And this time, it’s Top 20 Hottest Haikyu characters (2020). Because, why not? 

Are you looking for some hot and sexy Haikyu characters to warm your heart and cleanse your soul? Well, you have come to the right place. Following is the compilation of the Top 20 Hottest Haikyu Characters that will surely make your day or night or at whatever time you are reading at. Warning: You’ll need a lot of holy water after reading till the end. 

Haikyu is an anime that is filled with eye candies and hot characters. So, it was a very challenging task to compile and list only 20 out of so many. I didn’t include the coaches on the list. Moreover, I compiled this list while keeping their importance into consideration. So, let’s start reading without wasting any more of your time. 

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20. Akira Kunimi


Akira Kunimi 

Least Favorite Phrase #2: “Go all out.”

Here comes the first one of the hottest haikyu characters: Akira Kunimi. He is the wing spiker at Aoba Johsai High. Kunimi has dark brown hair parted into two from the middle. He shows fewer emotions due to his monotone voice and tired-looking eyes. He is the type who is calm, lazy, prefers to conserve energy, and doesn’t like energetic people. His sticking tongue out scene is so cute. And his rare annoyed or disappointed or worried expressions are hilarious. 

Moreover, Kunimi is a competent player with efficient volleyball skills.

He is an underrated black cat. MUST PROTEC!

19. Chikara Ennoshita (The Unsung Hero)

The things that people tend to take to heart vary from person to person.

Chikara was the substitute wing spiker and later became the captain of Karasuno High. His face fits so much as that of a hot office worker. Ennoshita is a reserved, reliable, and levelheaded character. He blesses our eyes with his gentle smile. He often keeps Tanaka, Nishinoya, and other members under control and in line. Also, he is often seen helping the team members and motivating them. His volleyball skill is decent but is also a good observant.

Ennoshita has insecurity issues regarding his skills which lowered his self-esteem. This resulted in him trying to prove himself to others. But everyone supports and respects him immensely. We got to witness a great character development in the story later. 

Moreover, his leadership and being supportive skills are the ones that resulted in him becoming the captain of Karasuno High in his third year. 

He may just be a supporting character but this overlooked, underrated, and relatable character is still one to watch! I DEMAND MORE LOVE FOR HIM!

18. Asahi Azumane (The guy with a glass heart)

To strike past all obstacles… That’s the ACE!

Here comes our soft-cored hottie: Asahi Azumane. He’s the ace spiker at Karasuno High. Our Asahi has long brown hair in a tight bun mostly with a beard. He’s tall, well-built with sturdy long legs and broad shoulders. And along with his bright smile and voice, he’s the true definition of gorgeousness. That’s why he deserves his name in the hottest haikyu characters. He looks much older than his age and scary looking. But Asahi is our little softie, caring, and sensitive senpai who gets depressed and insecure easily. As the story proceeds, our softie has undergone great character development gaining confidence and determination.

Asahi is a strong opponent with being the team’s most powerful spiker with strong receiving abilities. Thus, living up to the title of ace. We must protect this cinnamon roll hottie!

17. Satori Tendou (The pineapple guy)

Ah, but you see? Blocking isn’t about stopping people. It’s about spiking their hit back at them.

Imagine Tendou with his hairs down and you’ll realize what an upgrade level of hottie Tendou unveils. Tendou is one of the middle blockers at Shiratorizawa Academy. He is known as the “Guess Monster”. He has spiky hairs as that of a porcupine and red like that of a red flame. Red hairs, red eyes, that stare, and that smirk of his is just divine. He’s extremely loud, is expressive, and likes to tease and taunt people. But during matches, he becomes an extremely confident, competitive, and intimidating guy.

Tendou is extremely skilled in blocking with sharp intuitions and reflexes. Tendou has a dark past where he was bullied and rejected. Though he looks a bit creepy, he is not a bad guy. He is also seen as a generous, loyal, and supportive person to his team members and even to others.

16. Kenjirou Shirabu (Our Salty Bowl cut angel)

My job isn’t to only rely on Ushijima-senpai but it isn’t to demonstrate my own strength and pride either. It is to portray the strongest ace in the country in the best light.

The guy who can lecture another individual with some disappointment glares. Here comes another salty team member: Kenjirou Shirabu. (I read someone called him a salty cinnamon bun lol). He is a setter at Shiratorizawa Academy that stands out the least. He has light copper-colored hairs with an asymmetrical bowl cut with an average build and height. I added his name as one of the hottest haikyu characters list because his voice and personality are a heart stealer. His focused mode is heavenly. 

Shirabu is hot-headed and sharp-tongued but can also be calm, focused, and reliable. He respects others and is hardworking. Also, he is shown as one who is a stable setter and who sets high to derive ace’s power.

Our hard-working guy is underrated. Show him some love!

15. Eita Semi

I want to show my abilities. The desire is too strong. Although I know that the current Shiratorizawa does not need a setter, this desire is uncontainable. But when I’m serving, I’m free.

If you wanna date Sugawara but want an aggressive version, then Eita Semi is the one for you. Another underrated Shiratorizawa member is Sugawara’s aggressive version. He is a setter at Shiratorizawa Academy. With his ash-blonde messy hairs with black tips, sharp eyes, deep voice, well built and scowl look, he pulls heartstrings of many. Generally, he is seen with his serious and scowl look. He’s hot-tempered but also has a respecting other and caring side.

Semi is a skilled setter along with powerful serves. He has been nicknamed “Semi-Semi” by Tendou. The scene where he did a tongue thing before a serve killed me straight away. That one scene compelled me why he deserves to be considered as one of the hottest haikyu characters. He deserves continuous 1 hour screen time.

14. Yuuji Terushima

If you’ve got the strength to beat Shiratorizawa, you can beat any school in the prefecture.

Yuuji Terushima is the captain of the Johzenji High volleyball team. Spiky blonde hairs brushed upwards with some wispy bangs falling on his forehead. His sexiness is elevated by 10000X due to his tongue and ear piercings (ILLEGAL!). He is charismatic, light-hearted, childish, and carefree. But he is attentive, focused with some quite adaptable skills and powerful spikes and jump serves. Moreover, he is a motivator, a comforting captain who comes up with new strategies to compete and play with fun. He’s like a cute wild little puppy.

Thus, an overall realistic teenage character. One who makes mistakes accepts flaws and criticism and attempts to improve. Yet an underrated character.

(PS. He is the Sangwoo’s childish and lively version 2.0 from Killing Stalking.)

13. Yuu Nishinoya (Too Short yet Too Hot)

No matter how hard I struggle, it’s a fact that tall guys have the advantage in volleyball. Right here and now, he’s the tallest around. But that doesn’t matter for liberos. I’m the only one who can combat him on equal footing.


Simping Mode ON.

Here jumps our Nishinoya senpai with his “Rolling Thunder” yell. The shortest, often mistaken as an elementary schooler: Yuu Nishinoya. He’s a libero at Karasuno High. Also, he is known as “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity”. He’s the definition of a cute yet handsome guy. He has a muscular build. And has his hairs styled and brushed upwards with some wispy bleached bangs falling on his forehead. Those big, sharp, and sparkling eyes of his are mesmerizing. Whereas his angelic smile can wrap you in his love sushi roll. The scene where at night he brushed all hairs down was truly irresistible.

He’s extremely energetic, extremely impatient, extremely loud and blunt, and a little perverted and hot-tempered. But during the match, we get to witness focussed, perseverant and calm Nishinoya.

Nishinoya is shown as someone with fast reflexes with high stamina and is quite adaptable and fearless(Wasn’t in his childhood). His appearance and personality resemble that of a lively and lovely Shiba Inu dog. Thus, a dog ball of energy who is fiery and relentlessly works hard. 

Pro Tip: Call him “Senpai” and he’ll buy you an ice-cream.

Hottest Haikyu Characters

12. Kenma Kozume

I’m not good with people, and I don’t want to interact with them. And yet, I’m very concerned about what others think about me.

Another hottest character on the list: Kenma Kozume. Kenma is called the brain and the heart of Nekoma High. He’s a setter with an average height and built, compensated by his strong logical and analytical mindset. Moreover, he’s called “Pudding Head” due to his hair resemblance to pudding: Blonde hairs with black roots. His killer golden eyes like a cat, along with his monotonous voice, are enough for someone to fall for him.

Moreover, he’s hawk-eyed, calm, rarely gets excited, whines about things (for example, the existence of gravity, short arms, etc.), and is an unsociable guy. Thus, a hot introvert who’s a diehard gamer. His calculative deductions on patterns and movement of opponents, along with his astonishing volleyball skills, are one to watch.

11. Hajime Iwaizumi

Someone who can’t see the opponent standing right in front of him, can’t defeat the opponent that lies beyond!

Hot and strict mother and also the childhood friend of Oikawa: Hajime Iwaizumi. Our Iwa-chan is the ace, vice-captain, and a wing spiker at Aoba Johsai High. The hotness package bundles with dark brown spiky short hairs (in anime), tall, muscular with wide arms, beautiful long legs and with deep voice Iwa-chan wearing that serious look and expression.

“Iwa” means rock. And yes, Iwaizumi has shown as the rock and the pillar of the team and to others.

He’s a mature character. Also, he is a reliable, respectful, and supportive mentor to his team members and others as well. Though he is a calm and collected person, he often resorts to violence with Oikawa, scolding and spanking him for his childish behavior yet he deeply cares for him a lot as well. His angry expressions are hilarious and one to watch.

He is an UNDERRATED and overprotective daddy. You can’t have him, Oikawa already booked him 😛

Here’s a gift for Oikawa and Iwaizumi fans (They both singing, not literally though):

10. Kiyoomi Sakusa (Daddy Material)

Say for instance… A tiny meteorite fell from the sky right now. Say that meteorite bonked somebody on the head. Just be nice to the guy and help as much as you can. Nothing else is necessary. If you’re going to stand around talking loudly to each other about how you pity him… Then I feel even sorrier for him. Nothing sucks worse than someone telling you, “You poor thing”.

Imagine Michael Jackson with wavy hairs. That’s what Kiyoomi Sakusa is. 

Another hottie on our list is the scary glaring germophobic guy: Sakusa. He is the ace spiker at Itachiyama Institute. He is included in the top 3 aces and spikers of Japan. Thus, a highly skilled and all-rounder volleyball player excelling in both defense and offense. Also, it’s said that he has flexible wrists. 

Serious look, beautiful monotone voice, psychopath look, hate people and crowds and is also the aggressive and pessimistic one: Thus totally my type. How can I neglect such a hottie from my hottest haikyu characters list. He is often seen or spotted wearing a mask at the back corner of a room or a place with less crowd. Moreover, he has black wavy hairs and 2 moles on his right side of the forehead which enhances his beauty. 

Calm, Competitive, and Cautious. That’s what describes our Sakusa.

My boe deserves more screen time and LOVE!

Hottest Haikyu Characters

09. Shinsuke Kita

I am built upon the small things I do every day, and the end results are no more than a byproduct of that.

Our next hottie on our list is Shinsuke Kita. The ice-cold hottie. He’s a wing spiker. Also, he’s the captain of Inarizaki High. He’s a calculating, wise, and mature guy. Sometimes called a robot, Kita has a straight-faced and blunt personality. But despite that, he has a caring side too. His precious rare smile and calm and soothing voice can end wars. Moreover, his presence is enough for someone to shiver and is enough to maintain his team’s composure.

I found this video accidentally of Kita dancing on Chika Dance:


Hottest Haikyu Characters

08. Daichi Sawamura

Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if others tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that.

he protecc

he attacc

but most importantly

he got your bacc

That’s what Daichi Sawamura is. He’s a wing spiker and the captain of Karasuno High. Daichi has the perfect facial structure. Along with his deep voice and his well-built physique, Daichi is one of the hottest Haikyu characters. Coming to his personality, he has a calm, kind, and caring personality. But when he runs out of his patience, his scary face and eyes are enough to send shivers down one’s spine.

Moreover, he proves his captaincy by being a motivator, patient, strict, and a strong-willed leader who believes in his teammates. Therefore, he is a true leader. Also, he is often seen as a fatherly figure to his teammates. His personality and motivating quotes are one to be inspired by.

Hottest Haikyu Characters

07. Keiji Akaashi

With a star before my eyes, all there is left for me to do is to “play as I have always done” and deliver. If playing as I have always done is what’s required, then I can do it.

Keiji Akaashi is a setter and the Vice-Captain of Fukurodani Academy. He has short, messy, and somewhat wavy hairs. Akaashi, with his princely appearance, straight-face, and his fine voice, can make you lovestruck. He surely deserves a rank on our hottest Haikyu characters list. He’s humble and calm. But is also often seen throwing sarcastic and blunt comments on Bokuto. Moreover, Akaashi is the hottest parent of Bokuto. His strong analytical and strategical skills are one to look for.

Hottest Haikyu Characters

06. Wakatoshi Ushijima

An excellent seedling needs suitably excellent soil. It can’t yield first-rate fruit on barren land.

Here it is, the guy with the deepest voice, which is deeper than the ocean: Wakatoshi Ushijima. He’s a wing spiker, the ace, and the strongest powerhouse school captain in the prefecture, Shiratorizawa Academy. He has beautiful olive-brown hairs and eyes, a great physique (tall, muscular, and those sturdy legs), and always has a serious face. He’s a sexy cinnamon roll. He’s scary and intimidating aura is enough to shake his opponents.

Moreover, he’s honest, blunt, and highly confident in himself. Ushijima is a worthy opponent with his brute strength and stamina, overpowering skills, and great physique.

Hottest Haikyu Characters

05. Kei Tsukishima (Tsukki)

…Uselessly hot-blooded people irritate me…

Here comes another hotty from our hottest Haikyu characters. The guy with glasses and who’s taller than my future reach, Kei Tsukishima with his cold demeanor. He’s a middle blocker at Karasuno High. His regular poker face, smirk along with his voice is sufficient for him to spell a love charm on us. His short blonde hairs and golden brown eyes elevate his hotness.

He is blunt, sarcastic, and his mean remarks are humorous. Moreover, to add salt to the wound, he carries a smug face and is often seen smirking while mean commenting. That’s why he’s our handsome salty bae. Moreover, he’s calm and collected, making him a great read blocker and has great strategical and analytical skills. Also, his character development is one to watch for.

Hottest Haikyu Characters

04. Tetsurou Kuroo

Read blocking is a block that consists of restraint and persistence, but it’s also… the block where you laugh the last.

Remember that “Oya Oya Oya?” famous Haikyu video. We introduce you to that video’s one of the hottest Haikyu characters: Tetsurō Kuroo.

Kuroo, with his hazel eyes, glare, and smug face, can make your heart skip a beat. He’s a middle blocker and the captain of Nekoma High. A glare from this messy spiky-haired guy with bangs covering little of his right eye shoots an arrow straight to the heart. He’s an energetic, confident, and social guy. He’s a laid back yet a badass and cunning guy. Moreover, Kuroo is usually seen as mocking, snarking, and messing with people. He has a catlike expression and appearance.

Sometimes an admirable mentor and a motivator and sometimes a mischievous trickster, Kuroo is an admirable, competent, and reliable leader figure.

Watch this video of Kuroo dancing on wiggle. Thank me later 🙂

Hottest Haikyu Characters

03. Atsumu Miya and Osamu Miya (The Hotty Identical Twins)

Well, with a dig, all you’ve got is two arms. But going overhand means, you’ve got ten fingers to use. Ten is more than two. More support is better, so I went overhand. Cuz I’m a setter. – Atsumu Miya

Why is it that whenever we’re in a game, your mental age regresses by, like, five years? – Osamu Miya

Atsumu’s bangs are flipped towards the right while Osamu’s are on the left. It does elevate their hotness. The twins are well-built and are muscular, and have a cute Kansai dialect. Also, the smirk of Atsumu is to die for.

Osamu(Gray-haired) is a Wing-spiker, while Atsumu(Blonde) is a setter. But both have somewhat opposite personalities. Osamu is seen as calm and laid back but can also be seen as angry and physical. Also, he usually wears an expressionless face.

Atsumu, on the other hand, is quite the blunt and hot-headed guy who is usually rude to others and doesn’t care about it. He’s a perfectionist with high standards. But his personality can be seen jumping to being an immature, childish guy who likes to crack jokes and provokes others.

Both are confident and are often competing against each other. They fight sometimes but makeup soon.

Let me quote some lines they said during their fight:

Atsumu: I’m just calling a piece of trash a piece of trash!

Osamu: I don’t wanna hear that from someone with the personality of a sewage water!

(PS. Atsumu’s appearance kinda resembles Sangwoo from Killing Stalking 🙂  )

Hottest Haikyu Characters

02. Tobio Kageyama

No matter how challenging the volley, there’s only one reason why we chase the ball… there’s only one reason we continue fighting because we haven’t lost yet!

The number 2 from our list is on the court: Tobio Kageyama. He is a setter at Karasuno High. Kageyama has well-built, muscular with a slender body. He has dark blue and narrow eyes and black hair. His sharp and scary smile and glares can make you love-smitten. Truly he deserves the second character as one of the hottest haikyu characters. Though mostly he is seen as short and hot-tempered, sometimes he has a childish and cute personality who loves calling Hinata to boke(Dumbass).

Kageyama was previously called the “King of the court” and was arrogant and sensitive due to his sad past. Moreover, he was also having difficulty understanding and expressing emotions in the right way. But as the story proceeds, we witness a great deal of character development in him. He’s a prodigy with extraordinary analytical and volleyball skills. His physique and personality emit a scary and intimidating aura.

Thus, his sometimes scary, sometimes funny expressions are one to die for.

(PS. His expressions resemble that of a frowning bird)

Drum rolls for the top hottest character, please


Hottest Haikyu Characters

01. Tooru Oikawa (Trashykawa and the Great King)

The chance to let your talent truly blossom, perhaps it’s today. Or maybe, it’s tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or next year. Or perhaps even when you’re 30? In regards to physique, I can’t say much. But if you yourself think that you don’t have talent, then you’ll probably never have it.

Presenting you with one of my favorite and hottest Haikyu characters: Tooru Oikawa. Oikawa is the captain, an ace, and a setter at Aoba Johsai High. With his dark brown eyes, messy brown hair, and strong yet sweet voice, he’s here to make our hearts flutter. Oikawa is a complex character with multiple layers. He is cocky, childish, and can be seen mocking others, but he is also a determined and hardworking person. Due to his charismatic personality, he is a “Mr. Popular” with a large girl fanbase. Apart from this, he’s a great leader and a mentor: A motivator, a supporter, a caring leader who acknowledges others and is deeply passionate about volleyball. Moreover, he’s cunning, quite observant, with a calm and composed personality. Thus, an all-rounder.

He cries he whines, and he smiles, he scares. Plus, he has an inferiority complex. Thus, he’s a relatable and realistic character. His majestic and badass existence is a blessing. His voice and glares are enough to make your heart go Doki Doki while his glares look like he’s staring right into the soul.

(PS. He looked the hottest with wearing specs and that serious expression.)

The End.

Apart from the above mentioned, I also compiled some other hot haikyu characters’ names who didn’t have as much screen time as others in our list did. But their hotness needed to be recognized, so search them up and show them Love:

  1. Kouji Hiroo
  2. Kaname Moniwa
  3. Kenji Futakuchi
  4. Akiteru Tsukishima
  5. Sachirou Hirugami
  6. Akinori Konoha
  7. Souma Oyasu
  8. Takahiro Hanamaki

My viewpoint:

While reading more about these characters and their future professions, I felt motivated and connected. The journey of every character in the plot makes us realize that blood, sweat, and tears are the determinants to achieve success. It also tells us that what we are today doesn’t define what we are tomorrow. We can have different paths, different professions, and completely different ambitions. Enough with my ted talk.

I see you managed to reach the end of the post. Comment Down your favorite Hottest Haikyu Characters, and also, you can mention any other character that you think should be there on the list. I would make sure to add that too. If you want to warm your eyes with more hotness, do yourself a favor and type on YouTube: Haikyu character dance. And thank me later. Please don’t keep the hotness with yourself; spread it! Share with your friends to share hotness.

Spread Happiness, Spread Peace!

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