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The Best Way to Read”Overlord Light Novels!” (2022)

Overlord is an incredible story that contains over 15 volumes of content, and while it was a bit slow in the first few chapters, it becomes excellent once you pick up the pace.

Ainz Gowl has never been a pushover, and so is the order to read the Overlord light novels. So if you’re wondering what the correct order is to read these novels, we’ve got your back. In this Overlord light novel order, I’m going to walk you through the best and easiest order out there.

Overlord Light Novel Order!

  • The Undead King (Volume 1)
  • The Dark Warrior (Volume 2)
  • The Bloody Valkyrie (Volume 3)
  • The Lizardmen Heroes (Volume 4)
  • Kingdom Men I (Volume 5)
  • The Kingdom Men II (Volume 6)
  • The Raiders of the Great Tomb (Volume 7)
  • The Two Leaders (Volume 8)
  • The Magic Caster of Destroy (Volume 9)
  • The Ruler of Conspiracy (Volume 10)
  • The Craftsman of the Dwarves (Volume 11)
  • The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom I (Volume 12)
  • The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom II (Volume 13)
  • The Witch of the Falling Kingdom (Volume 14)
  • The Forest Half-goblin God-Kin (Volume 15)

You can start reading Overlord light novels normally from the web, but if you are confused about it, you can check out our Overlord light novel order we mentioned above.

Still, if you’re not sure how to read it or it might confuse you later, I have a great way for you. If you know Amazon Kindle, which is the best for reading novels and manga, the the light novels are neatly arranged there.

Concluding thoughts!

Well, this is the order of the Overlord light novels that you can follow before starting. There are only the names of the volumes instead of the serial numbers. in a few places, and that’s when you should refer to this light novel order.

So did this Overlord light novel order help you in any way? There is really no other order in which you can get the story right apart from the order of publication. At least that’s how I read it, so make sure you follow this order before reading it.

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