60 People Who Aren’t Having The Best Day Of Their Life

Luck is either one your side or it has left you hanging on your own. You can be completely going about your very normal day and, out of thin air, have your plans go completely awry. We all have those bad days, some just have it worse than others. Here are 60 examples of people who are probably having a worse day than you. When you realize it happens to everyone, you will not feel as alone in your bad days. Have any of these examples happened to you?

1.Leg Patterns

She thought she was getting a bit of sun with her cute leggings. Well, that is exactly what happened but it was a little too much sun. Once she took off her leggings she saw the new design she had created for her legs. Please tell me this is not going to be a new trend?


Reading by the firelight is a bit different in the modern world. Technology and flames do not mix and this laptop was set just a bit too close to the flame, so it got burned. It was a while before anyone noticed and completely burned a hole through the screen. It might have been a small fire, but it was an expensive one.

3.Take a Seat?

When you think of a chair breaking, does you mind go directly to one of the legs breaking? Mine does. So how does a stool with only a base break? Well, this is one way the stool can break and it is 100% the most uncomfortable way. That had to hurt.

4.Attracted to Heat

Every living thing searches for warmth when it is cold. So, how could this cow resist the hot hood after an engine had been running? It is the perfect spot to lay with its feet out of the snow and warmth to him it back up. The only people that have an issue with this are the people who need to get into that car.

5.Morning Breakfast

Starting off your day on a positive note can set the tone for the entire day. Yet, it is hard to have a good morning when you completely ruin your breakfast and waste your entire bottle of pepper at the same time. This person is off to a rough start with their day, they should probably just have cereal from now on.

6. Attack!
She thought she made a friend in a frog that she had found, but she had not. This is one frog that was secretly waiting for the perfect moment of attack and he got it. The photographer of this photoshoot deserved an award for getting that perfect moment of the frog jumping on her face.
7.Almost a Millionaire.
Can you imagine being just a few seconds short of winning one million dollars? That is one day that will haunt this woman for a very long time. Pat Sajek even is speechless in this moment because he knew it was going to sting. What a bummer.
8.Instant Regret
Most would agree that it would be smart to grow out your beard during snow season for some extra warmth on your face. That is until you are stuck outside for so long that your beard becomes frozen with the snow. His idea turned on him and instead of an extra layer of warmth, he got an extra level of freezing.
9.12 Pack

If you want an ice cold beer, here is the 12 pack for you! These beers were left in the cooler outside for one night and turned into one mega ice block. Good luck on breaking the ice and not the bottles. Maybe they should just let it melt.

10.Grow Together

The roots of this tree are strong and if it was going down, it was taking everything with it; the entire lawn and all. This household not only needs to fix their fallen tree, they are going to have to now fix their entire front yard. This is a great example of coming home to a disaster.

11. Picture Perfect

Someone needed to tell her how the projection of this screen works. Instead they just took a picture of her epic fail. Hopefully the screen is not too important because her pictures are going to have many words missing.

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