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13 Greatest Action Anime Movies of All Time! [Best Recommendations] (September 2022)

Action anime movies are pretty rare to find apart from sequels or prequels to existing anime series. So, you may have been looking for some good indie anime action movies.

So, What are the best action anime movies? In this list we have neither Demon Slayer: Mugen Train nor Dragon Ball Super: Brolly. However, you will find the best recommendations in history.

List of the best action anime movies!

13. Bayonetta: Bloody Destiny

Bayonetta: bloody fate

The hottest witch Bayonetta wakes up in a coffin after 20 years with no memory of her past. With the help of a weapons smith and a mysterious bartender, she begins her journey to recover her past, in which she encounters several mysterious ones that ultimately lead her to the bigger picture.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate is visually one of the most beautiful and amazing films ever made. As for the action, it is endless and leaves you with satisfied feelings. Although it lacks a bit of story, you can thoroughly enjoy this amazing action anime movie to your heart’s content.

12. Asura


Set in the mid-15th century, Kyoto became the target of continual floods and droughts; finally leaving Asura, a young boy, to fend for himself in the desert. He struggled to survive for years until he met a girl from town who drew empathy from him. But it did not last long, as famine once again appeared in the town.

Asura is not your usual action anime movie because involves a harrowing story with some decent action scenes. The character development is gradual and the animation is quite good. So if you are looking for a sad action anime movie then feel free to jump on it.

11. Black Fox

black fox

Rikka is a ninja who lost her father and grandfather to an evil organization that targeted the drones created by her father. After escaping from her, she works as a private detective and uses her grandfather’s mask to eliminate her family’s killers one by one.

Black Fox is a unique ninja anime film set in a futuristic world. Although there is nothing that stands out to make you say “Amazing!” the action is delivered in the right way. Combined with some good animation and a solid story, Black Fox will make a strong recommendation on the list.

10. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Constable Fuse is an elite special forces soldier whose mission is to keep the public society safe. After failing to prevent a terror from occurring, he is sent back to the military academy for reevaluation. Can Fuse recapture his heroic spirit and move on to confront the government’s conspiracies?

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade is done exceptionally well in every way. It wraps up loose ends nicely, giving you a sense of wholeness, and unless you’re looking for a spineless action flick, this one is sure to entertain you to the limit.

9. Steam Boy

steam boy

Ray Steam is a boy who receives a package with a Steam Ball inside. Apparently, it’s a powerful engine filled with pressurized steam that can cause disaster if it falls into the wrong hands. Will Ray be able to keep his father’s creation and his grandfather’s safe?

steam boy gives a mission impossible vibe, and indeed it is such a fantastic concept. Its animation is quite quirky, but everything else feels like you’re watching a modern anime. If you are interested in seeing an action anime movie with a Ghibli-like theme, check it out.

8. Red line

Red line

Set in the futuristic world where hover cars rule the world, everyone’s goal is to win the greatest race in the universe: Red Line. Having lost in the Yellowline race, JP gets a spot as an alternate to participate in the Red Line. Will he be able to win the race by beating all the driving maniacs?

the red line is one of the most beautiful anime we have seen, and it is not an exaggeration by any means. Although it does not have a great story, it makes the best of the small plot. the the action is exaggerated and the spark of romance is certainly one of the best aspects to make it one of the best action anime movies.



When ESP experiments fail on the children during the year 1988, the Japanese government drops an atomic bomb to kill them. After 31 years, a gang leader named Kaneda fights against the government to save his friend Tetsuo while he reveals all the mysteries.

Akira is, without a doubt, one of the best classic stories to ever exist. Despite being released in 1988, it offers you quality animation and some really eye-catching action sequences. The depiction of the future may be a bit of a stretch, but it makes sense considering the world-building.

6. Ninja Scroll

ninja scroll

Jubei is a normal wandering samurai who only cares about getting tangled up in the middle of the fight between the Kimon Demons. Now only he and his companions who joined the battle can save Japan from the catastrophe caused by an enemy who is literally Immortal.

For anyone looking for a Die Hard Killer movie with samurai setting., Ninja Scroll is perfect. It has the right amount of action (which is over the top) and the pacing is interestingly good.

5. Afro Samurai: The Movie

Afro Samurai: The Movie

In futuristic Japan steeped in Western culture, there are only two rules: While Number 1 rules the world, only Number 2 is required to defy him. Afro lost his father, who used to be the number 1 of an evil gunman and decided to avenge him and take the place back at all costs.

Afro Samurai: The Movie is the combined version of the Afro Samurai anime. Anyway, you can watch the movie instead of the anime with 5 episodes. the the action scenes are sick and yet it feels western, it has a unique approach to the samurai world.

4. NeZha


Nezha is born from the heavenly pearl by the Lord of Heaven. With his unique powers and a prophecy to bring destruction to the world, she became an outcast to all. He now must choose between good and evil to change his destiny and become the hero the world needs.

Ne Zha is a Chinese animated film with Impeccable visuals and mind-blowing action. sequences. It’s your typical concept of myths and gods with a certain main character. So you have a lot of room for action and character development. If you are interested in watching one of the best Chinese action anime movies, give it a try.

3. Promise


When a massive firestorm wreaked havoc on the planet, half of the world’s cities were destroyed and mutants with fire abilities began to emerge. At the same time, a mutant terrorist group called “Mad Burnish” led by a girl named Lio, decided to destroy the earth. However, the Burning Rescue Fire Department stands in their way as Galo is their leader. In this battlefield between terrorists, mutants and saviors, who will emerge victorious?

Made by the same animation studio as Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill, you can expect some quirky art form and visual effects. However, the anime film Promare offers you unexpected action with constant combat situations. Watch to witness yet another rare masterpiece from Studio Trigger.

2. The boy and the beast

The boy and the beast

An orphan named Kyuuta meets a ferocious beastman, Kumatetsu, and becomes his apprentice. Soon, the world is thrown into chaos by an unknown entity, straining the duo’s relationship. Can they cooperate well for the final showdown and show their bond as father and son?

We didn’t expect much from this movie before seeing it, but flew way beyond our expectations. Although it doesn’t have a great story, the characters give you everything you need and the action is pretty good too.

1. Sword of the Stranger

stranger's sword

A young orphan named Kotarou flees from mysterious pursuers. After almost giving up hope of surviving, he meets a wandering samurai Nanashi, who sealed his sword due to a tragic past. Will they be able to survive the onslaught of enemies and uncover the mystery behind it all?

Sword of the Stranger needs no introduction as to why it is best action anime movie ever. If we have the option to rate the film above 10, we will gladly do so. The animation, action, choreography, and pacing are all fantastic.

While it features a unique integration of Chinese and Japanese swordsmen, it also captures the beauty of presenting their honor. If you like samurai action anime movies, look no further.

Final thoughts!

Well, these are the 13 best action anime movies that we think are among the best because it is usually quite difficult to find a good action movie. However, we have given everything to choose the best for you.

So what do you think of the list? If you have any other action anime movies in mind that deserve a spot on the list, feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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